Parkland Baptist Church, SSM

Our Deacons 
Ross Evans

Ross Evans

Ross has been a deacon at PBC for the majority of his 20 years here, and has a real servants heart and loves the Parkland people.

Len Malboeuf 

Len Malbouef

Len is another of our long-time deacon's.  He came to Parkland 20 years ago and felt so comfortable that he has stayed ever since.

Geoff Wilson 

Geoff Wilson, Treasurer

Although not technically a deacon, as treasurer Geoff is an important voice around the table and we are grateful for the hard work and diligence he puts into it. After having visited many churches, Geoff and his wife, Ann, landed at Parkland and were taken by the friendliness of the people here.  That was just over 20 years ago, and they have stayed on to be two of those friendly people ever since.